Fire Log

Case Number: 02-015-15

Occurred on: Feb 12 2015 1:33PM
Reported on: Feb 12 2015 1:33PM
Location: Kirschman Hall NW Exterior Trash Can
A small fire in a trash can was reported at the above location. It had been extinguished by an unknown person(s) prior to the officer's arrival. The trash atop of the can's interior was charred and the top of the interior plastic liner was melted.

Case Number: 12-003-14

Occurred on: Dec 4 2014 10:46AM
Reported on: Dec 4 2014 10:52AM
Location: 121 Privateer Place
A small grease fire at the location on the kitchen stove was extinguished prior to the arrival of the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD). The apartment was determined to be safe by the Firefighters manning engine 12.

Case Number: 11-036-14

Occurred on: Nov 20 2014 8:34AM
Reported on: Nov 20 2014 9:12AM
Location: Administration Bldg., Rm. 107
Housekeeping personnel located what appeared to be burnt paper on a toilet seat at the above listed location.

Case Number: 10-022-14

Occurred on: Oct 14 2014 5:44AM
Reported on: Oct 14 2014 5:44AM
Location: The Commons,
A UNOPD officer en route to work observed the fire alarm system had been tripped at The Commons. UNOPD patrol units are dispatched to the scene and discover smoke and the smell of burning rubber. NOFD is notified. The building is checked by the Fire Department, but the location of the source of the smoke was not found. It is determined later in the day a coupling froze on a pump in the air handler room. The motor continued to spin and burned up the drive belts.

Case Number: 10-032-13

Occurred on: Oct 25 2013 9:00PM
Reported on: Oct 25 2013 9:02PM
Location: Geology/Psychology Building
A plastic cart was burned at the loading dock of the Geology/Psychology Building. Additional damage included a burned exterior light fixture and a set of steel double doors.

Case Number: 05-028-13

Occurred on: May 17 2013 2:32PM
Reported on: May 17 2013 2:34PM
Location: Chemical/Science Building Room 340
An unknown type chemical in a container was being stored in a cabinet in Room 340 of the Chemical Science Building when it is believed to have become unstable and exploded. There were no injuries and moderate damage to the cabinet.

Case Number: 05-026-13

Occurred on: May 16 2013 11:35AM
Reported on: May 16 2013 11:41AM
Location: Privateer Place, Apt. #518-C
A garbage bag left outside an apartment, near a bedroom's window, was reportedly on fire. Upon the reporting officers' arrival, the fire had been extinguished by several employees of the apartment complex. During the course of the investigation it was learned that the resident of the apartment had placed a used matchstick in the aforementioned bag after lighting a candle. It was apparent that the matchstick was still lit which lead to the bag igniting into flames. There were neither injuries nor damages reported from the incident.

Case Number: 05-004-13

Occurred on: May 3 2013 1:15PM
Reported on: May 3 2013 1:18PM
Location: Milneburg Rd/HPC
The University's lawn care contractor was mowing the grass by the Human Performance Center when the lawnmower back fired causing a small fire at the exhaust tailpipe. The flame was quickly extinguished and there were no injuries nor any damage.

Case Number: 03-035-13

Occurred on: Mar 19 2013 12:45PM
Reported on: Mar 19 2013 12:35PM
Location: Milneburg Rd/St. Anthony St.
While on patrol, an UNO police officer noticed smoke coming from a trash bin on the sidewalk near the HPC Shell parking lot. The officer then observed a fire in the trash bin which he quickly obtained a fire extinguisher and put out the flames. There was $230.00 of damage to the trash bin. There were no reported injures.

Case Number: 02-013-13

Occurred on: Feb 22 2013 4:30PM
Reported on: Feb 22 2013 4:30PM
Location: UNO Lakefront Arena Ramp 4
A food truck was parked near ramp 4 of the Arena when the interior of the truck caught fire. NOFD was notified and arrived on the scene to extinguish the fire. Cause of the fire is believed to be a leaking propane tank on the truck. There was minor damage interior of the truck and no injuries reported.

Case Number: 11-042-12

Occurred on: Nov 30 2012 8:29PM
Reported on: Nov 30 2012 8:50PM
Location: Privateer Place
Resident reported observing fire in dumpster near building 10 of Privateer Place. NOFD Engine 12 responded and extinguished the flames.

Case Number: 08-030-12

Occurred on: Aug 27 2012 1:30PM
Reported on: Aug 27 2012 3:07PM
Location: Human Performance Center
The dumpster in the shell lot by the HPC was discovered to be engulfed in flames. The New Orleans Fire Department responded and quickly extinguished the fire. The cause of the fire could not be determined.

Case Number: 03-020-12

Occurred on: Mar 8 2012 12:45PM
Reported on: Mar 8 2012 1:50PM
Location: Center for Energy Resource Management
A heat gun used as lab equipment caught fire in a lab room. Fire caused minor damage and no injuries.

Case Number: 11-17-11

Occurred on: Nov 29 2011 10:45PM
Reported on: Nov 29 2011 10:45PM
Location: UCC Room 233
A glass coffee pot was being heated on an electric stove burner and left unattended. Once the contains of the pot evaporated, the pot's handle began to smolder causing extensive smoke therefore setting off the fire alarm. There were no injuries and the only damage was to the coffee pot.

Case Number: 9-16-11

Occurred on: Sep 30 2011 9:41PM
Reported on: Sep 30 2011 9:41PM
Location: Math Building
A small flower pot was discovered on fire outside on the second floor balcony of the Math Building. A fire extinguisher was used to extinguish the fire. A cigarette butt thrown into the flower pot appeared to have ignited the flower. There were no injuries or other reported damage.

Case Number: 9-15-11

Occurred on: Sep 10 2011 2:50PM
Reported on: Sep 10 2011 2:50PM
Location: Library Service Driveway
Officers discovered the large trash dumpster located on the south-west side of the Library Building engulfed in flames and immediately called for assistance from the N.O. Fire Department. The Fire Department arrived and extinguished the fire. A preliminary investigation by the Fire Department could not determine the cause of the fire. There were no reported injuries.

Case Number: 8-13-11

Occurred on: Aug 5 2011 1:00AM
Reported on: Aug 5 2011 1:00AM
Location: Newman Center
Officers responded to a Fire Alarm at the Newman Center and discovered a smoldering light bulb on the second floor in the A/C Duct Room. The incident was checked out by an electrician and the power was cut until repairs could be made. There were no injuries and no reported damaged.

Case Number: 6-12-11

Occurred on: Jun 1 2011 4:15AM
Reported on: Jun 1 2011 4:15AM
Location: Privateer Place Apt. 818
Officers responded to a fire alarm at the vacant apartment and discovered criminal damage had been sustained to he apartment. All of the water drains had been closed and the sprinkler head in the kitchen had been broken off causing the sprinkler to dump a large amount of water. Additionally, all of the water fausets had all been turned on and overflowed causing severe water damage to the apartment.

Case Number: 1-11-11

Occurred on: Jan 31 2011 11:59PM
Reported on: Jan 31 2011 11:59PM
Location: Campus
There have been no reported incidents for 2011.

Case Number: 10-14-10

Occurred on: Oct 22 2010 2:30PM
Reported on: Oct 22 2010 2:30PM
Location: Levee Road/Campus Police Bldg.
The victim was driving her Grey Hyundai when there was an electrical fire under the dash. The victim was passing the Police Complex Bldg. and ran inside to get assistance. NOPD arrived on the scene and quickly extinquished the fire. The victim had the vehicle towed for repairs. There were no reported injuries.

Case Number: 9-10-10

Occurred on: Sep 8 2010 12:25AM
Reported on: Sep 8 2010 12:25AM
Location: Science Building Rm 2046
A power supply pack was overheating causing a small amount of smoke. The power supply was rendered safe. No damage. No injures.

Case Number: 4-9-10

Occurred on: Apr 19 2010 8:50AM
Reported on: Apr 19 2010 8:50AM
Location: Leon C. Simon/St. Anthony
Brakes on a school bus caught fire and were extinguished by NOFD. Minor damage. No injuries.

Case Number: 12-8-09

Occurred on: Dec 11 2009 2:20PM
Reported on: Dec 11 2009 2:20PM
Location: Lakefront Arena Loading Dock
Electrical Panel. Minor damage. No injuries.

Case Number: 9-7-09

Occurred on: Sep 21 2009 9:40AM
Reported on: Sep 21 2009 9:40AM
Location: Milneburg Hall
Dumpster fire. No injuries

Case Number: 7-6-09

Occurred on: Jul 23 2009 9:06AM
Reported on: Jul 23 2009 9:06AM
Location: Engineering Bldg Rm 133
Electrical pump in mechanical room caught fire. Minor damage. No injuries.