Program: Creative Writing--Low Residency

Degree: MFA

Thesis Committee:

Unrestricted - Release the entire work immediately for access worldwide.

Restricted - Release the entire work for University of New Orleans access only for a period of 1 year. Direct document access is limited to users with a University of New Orleans IP address. Full bibliographic and abstract information will be released. Any requests for copies through interlibrary loan will be honored by providing a free electronic copy, or a print copy for a nominal fee. After a year release the work for access worldwide. Extensions beyond the originally chosen period require approval by the Graduate School of a written request describing the reason for a delayed release.

Embargoed - Restrict the entire work for University of New Orleans access for 1, 3 or 5 years.  Bibliographic and abstract information will be released immediately for access worldwide.  After the timeframe designated release the work for access worldwide.


This is to confirm that I have met with my committee in a thesis defense on the date specified above. I have chosen the level of access for my thesis, and I agree with all the terms on the thesis defense form.

Additionally, I give the CWL Graduate Coordinator my permission to proxy sign the Thesis Approval Form for me.