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Use one of the following to search a person:
  • First name or Last name
         Example: "Randy" or "Cox"
  • Full Name with either format: First name first or Last name first
         Example: "Randy Cox" or "Cox, Randy"
  • Position/Title
         Example: "Senior-Advisor" or "Advisor"
  • Office
         Example: "AD 1000" or "Administration Building 1000"
  • Phone number
         Example: "280 7777" or "(504) 280-7777"
  • Email address
         Example: "rpcox@uno.edu" or "rpcox"
Use one of the following to search a department:
  • Department name
         Example: "Information Technology" or "Information"
  • Front Office
         Example: "LA 100" or "100"
  • Phone number
         Example: "280 6235" or "504-280-6235"
  • Fax number
         Example: "(504) 280 6348" or "280-6348"

This data is maintained in PeopleSoft by the Departmental Timekeeper. If you need more information, please contact helpdesk@uno.edu.