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UNO-CHART is an applied social science hazards research center at The University of New Orleans that collaborates with Louisiana communities including the City of New Orleans and its surrounding parishes. This blog details CHART's activities.
By Tara Lambeth on 3/3/2016 9:01 AM

Since 2001, UNO-CHART has trained over 100 students, 90% of whom have or will graduate from the University of New Orleans. These students are continuing their mitigation careers by becoming community and regional leaders. On March 3rd, the New Orleans City Council honored our accomplishments.

By Tara Lambeth on 3/1/2016 8:54 AM

UNO-CHART attended and staffed a booth at the RES/CON Conference in New Orleans March 1st and 2nd. The conference covered aspects of resilience and disaster management.

By Tara Lambeth on 2/29/2016 6:50 AM

CHART Faculty Associate Dr. Pamela Jenkins, along with UNO Sociology professor Dr. Vern Baxter, recently released Left to Chance, which examines recovery from Hurricane Katrina from the perspective of two African American neighborhoods - Hollygrove and Ponchartrain Park. Find more information on their book here.

By Tara Lambeth on 2/26/2016 7:02 AM
Dr. Matt Bethel of Louisiana Sea Grant presented at the Challenges of Natural Resource Economics and Policy (CNREP) conference here in New Orleans on March 21 on the panel: Determining risk perception and impacts of predicted sea level rise (SLR) to enhance local hazard mitigation planning through knowledge integration and visualization tools. The presentation covered elements of a research project of which CHART's Assistant Director, Tara Lambeth, assists Louisiana Sea Grant with the social science aspects.
By Tara Lambeth on 2/1/2016 7:00 AM

CHART's Director, Dr. Monica Farris, and Assistant Director, Tara Lambeth, will present on Mitigating Repetitive Loss Properties in South Louisiana Using the Community Rating System at this year's ASFPM Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

By Tara Lambeth on 1/6/2016 6:56 AM

Tara Lambeth, CHART's Assistant Director, presented the Risk Literacy curriculum materials at a meeting of Adult Basic Educators group, which is organized by the Literacy Alliance of Greater New Orleans.

By Tara Lambeth on 12/11/2015 6:53 AM

Tara Lambeth, Assistant Director of UNO-CHART, participated in an Elevation Forum hosted by LSU AgCenter. The forum was a facilitated discussion surrounding building elevation. The goal of the forum was to inform future educational programs on building elevation, and identify issues with past elevation processes, in order to improve elevation processes in the future.

By Tara Lambeth on 12/1/2015 7:22 AM

UNO-CHART associate faculty and students contributed book chapters to The Private Sector's Role in Disasters: Leveraging the Private Sector in Emergency Management. CHART's chapter focused on the role of universities and nonprofits in disaster management. Read more about the book here.

By Tara Lambeth on 11/14/2015 7:20 AM

On November 14th, UNO-CHART participated in the Mayor's Office of Community Engagement Resilient Neighborhoods Summit, held at Dillard University. The summit included sessions on community leadership, housing, and community resilience in the morning, and a resource fair in the afternoon. At the resource fair, CHART gave out information on disaster preparedness, community continuity, and risk literacy.

By Tara Lambeth on 10/30/2015 11:35 AM

CHART held an outreach meeting in Terrebonne Parish on October 27th to present mitigation recommendations for a repetitive loss area in the parish. The meeting was attended by parish officials and local residents. At the meeting, the project team was able to get feedback on the repetitive loss area analysis, hazard mitigation recommendations, and other issues that concern residents regarding flooding. 

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