By Tara Lambeth on 11/13/2018 6:32 AM

Earlier this month, CHART participated in the 2018 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit in Baton Rouge. An essential part of the summit was the Resilience in Action Workshop. The key theme of this workshop was how to solve 20th century problems with 21st century solutions. Joyce Coffee, President of Climate Resilience Consulting, and Jessica McKelvie Kemp, VP of CPEX, led this important and interesting discussion.

By Tara Lambeth on 11/7/2018 6:42 AM

In the beginning of November, CHART faculty and students participated in InnovateUNO. InnovateUNO is the annual research symposium for the University of New Orleans. At the symposium, UNO undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff engaged in projects that involve research, scholarly or creative activities present their work. Three CHART students, Rachel Billiot-Bruleigh, Samantha Romain, and Hoang Tao, as well as CHART's Assistant Director, Dr. Tara Lambeth, presented their work at the symposium. CHART's Director, Dr. Monica Farris, served as a judge for the presented research.

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