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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form

The Appeal deadline for Fall 2014 semester: August 15, 2014, by 4:30 pm

Instructions: If a student has endured a traumatic event that was beyond his/her control, which caused him/her to resign, drop classes, or receive poor grades, or if (s)he is unable to graduate within the maximum time frame limit due to switching a major or transferring into UNO, the student may be eligible to submit an appeal for reconsideration of federal aid.  The committee members reviewing SAP Appeals are anonymous, and the appeal decision is final.  Once a decision has been made notification will be sent to the student's UNO e-mail account.  Appeals are not guaranteed to be approved and if denied, the student will be responsible for all tuition and fees owed to the university.

Financial Aid Appeals are available for the fall and spring semesters only.  Students may not submit an appeal after the published deadline date, and appeals are approved for current or subsequent semesters only; appeals cannot be submitted for prior semesters. Students may not submit more than two financial aid appeals during their academic career at UNO.

To submit an appeal, a student must submit the online appeal form, an explanation of circumstances, and supporting documentation.  Examples of circumstances and acceptable documentation are given on the appeal form.  All appeals must be accompanied with supporting documentation.  All supporting documentation must be submitted with the online appeal form, including information from the student’s College or academic advisor, if applicable.  An appeal will be denied if sufficient documentation is not submitted with the appeal or if the appeal does not reflect the student’s complete academic history. The student must address each semester (s)he dropped or failed two or more courses, or fell below a 2.0 Semester GPA for undergraduate students or a 3.0 for graduate students.

The circumstances that impacted the student’s academic performance or prolonged his/her academic career must be explained completely and include dates when applicable.  Furthermore, the student is required to discuss how these circumstances have been resolved and what steps (s)he has taken to ensure that (s)he will make academic progress in his/her future semesters and meet the SAP requirements, if possible.  If an appeal is being submitted because the student cannot graduate within the maximum time frame limit or (s)he has already exceeded the limit, then the student must explain what steps (s)he has taken to ensure (s)he will successfully complete all future required courses for his/her degree.  The student must also address semesters in which (s)he dropped/failed two or more courses or fell below a 2.0 Semester GPA (undergraduate student) or a 3.0 Semester GPA (graduate student).

Please note the following before submitting a financial aid appeal:

  • Students cannot submit an appeal to receive aid for course work that is not required for their primary degree.
  • Students cannot submit an appeal to receive aid to raise their GPA if all course requirements have been met for the primary degree.
  • Students cannot submit an appeal to extend the maximum allowable hours for multiple majors, minors, or degree attempts.
  • Students cannot submit an appeal for additional funds in Pell Grant or Federal Loans once they have met the federal maximum limits in these programs.

If you have any questions about the appeals process, please contact your financial aid counselor.


Important Information: All appeals must be submitted with supporting documentation as outlined in the instructions.  All documentation must be attached to the appeal at the time the appeal is submitted to our office.  Documentation will not be accepted after you submit your appeal to our office.  If you have any questions regarding what type of documentation is required for your appeal, please contact the Privateer Enrollment Center (PEC) located on the first floor in the Earl K. Long Library.  An appeal is not guaranteed to be approved and if your appeal is denied, you will have to pay any remaining balance owed to the University without Federal Student Aid.  Late appeals will not be accepted after the published date and time.   Please complete the following application and provide an explanation in the space provided.


To submit an appeal, you must meet one or more of the following circumstances:

   Circumstances Required Supporting Documentation
1  Unexpected medical illness or severe injury  Physician’s letter documenting timeframe of illness.
2  Death of immediate family member  Death certificate and/or obituary
3  Military deployment/Call to active duty  Deployment records and/or letter from Commanding Officer showing date(s) of deployment/active duty.
4  Traumatic life-altering event  Evidence of event: contact financial aid counselor for documentation suggestions related to event or situation.
5  Scholastic Amnesty; use only if amnesty has been approved for you by UNO  Amnesty paperwork and supporting documentation for life-altering event(s) that had an impact on academic performance.
6  Loss of transfer credit hours transferring into UNO or switching a major.  A statement from your academic advisor indicating how many credits were lost switching your major or transferring into UNO, and the remaining number of credits required to graduate with primary degree.  This statement must be included with your appeal at the time you submit the appeal.


Please scan all your supporting documents into one file and follow the link below to continue to the form.


SAP Appeal Form